Risk Management

Why do companies often neglect a systematic approach to risks and opportunities?

  • Do they believe to know the important risks?
  • Are resources of personnel scarce?
  • Do they expect high costs and unnecessary bureaucracy?
  • Perhaps simply the increasing demands of daily business?

How can a company manage risks and opportunities – one of the most important entrepreneurial requirements – in a professional way?

Based on our experience the following, commonly acknowledged steps have proven to be successful in our consulting work:

  • We start with the leadership team which supported by our consultants agrees on a risk policy.
  • Subsequently, we implement a risk management system (RMS) as a permanent, systematic control circle with the following phases:
  1. identification (includes analysis, documentation and early diagnosis through appropriate performance indicators),
  2. evaluation (in workshops led by our consultants),
  3. management (strategies: avoid, reduce, transfer to third party, accept),
  4. monitoring of important risks and opportunities (includes reporting and possible escalation).
  • We develop a proactive risk und control culture through training and coaching.

Our consultants are able to introduce RMS at a good cost benefit ratio, because:

  • we link the RMS to existing planning and control systems,
  • we make use of available skills and information,
  • we improve processes systematically.

Our clients realize even further benefits such as:

  • enhancement of bank ratings,
  • strengthening of controlling tools (“proactive” controlling),
  • fulfillment of legal requirements,
  • a shared, cross-function perspective of risks and opportunities created by involvement in workshops.

Feedback from our clients:

  • „Unbureaucratic, fast, efficient!“
    Joachim Kolano, Managing Director Jenoptik Camera
  • „Three years after introduction, RM is an important success factor of our company. Increased employee awareness of risks and opportunities and efficient processes – e.g. in our credit management – have helped us a lot. I sleep better these days!“
    Uwe Beushausen, Managing Director Framo Morat